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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July

My sister-in-law Janae is in town this week! That means crafting and cooking and lots of it!

Today we were crafting and we decided to make a Christmas decoration.We made a Christmas Tree. I am going to use mine as a part of a table centerpiece.

To make them you need:
  • styrofoam trees
  • yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • felt
  • toothpick
  • craft foam
  • decorations
All you do is start by tracing the bottom of the tree on your felt. Then glue it to the bottom using hot glue. Next, get your yarn ready and put a bead of hot glue along the very bottom of the tree base and then place your first row of yarn on it. Go around the bottom with the yarn then continue wrapping it all the way up the tree, until it is completely covered. Then put some glue at the top to hold the end in place and cut the yarn to the right length. Using the same glue and wrapping techniques, “decorate your tree”. I used a strand of gingerbread men on ribbon that I found at Michaels. Other cute decorations could be little lights, jingle bells, adhesive backed gems or buttons. Finally, cut to stars from the craft foam. Glue them back to back with the toothpick in the middle. Insert the toothpick into the top of the tree!

Here is a picture of the original Fruitful Find:
Picture Source: http://amillionlittlethings.typepad.com/amlt/2010/12/yarn-trees-.html

Here is a picture of my creation:
Christmas Tree  -  Photo Taken by Cami

This craft was very easy and very inexpensive. I am going to make some more trees to decorate my kids bedroom during the holiday season!

Source: http://amillionlittlethings.typepad.com/amlt/2010/12/yarn-trees-.html

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