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Friday, July 22, 2011

World's Cutest Bandana Skirt

these skirts fit a 2-3 year old...you can adapt it for older girls by adding layers and extra bandanna's (maybe i'll make a tutorial of that later on)

first off get yourself a bandana

fold in half and press with an iron.

next cut in half with some fabric scissors. (took this picture with my left hand, yeah i'm talented like that)
this will be the bottom part of your skirt, it adds length and a little embellishment as well!
i cut the 2 strips the length of the bandanna (mine was 21 and half inches) at 4 inches width (you could cut it wider if you want the skirt to be longer)
fold in half and press with an iron
place raw edge towards the bottom of the skirt with the "right side" of fabric facing up
sew your strips onto the bottoms of the bandanna
press down with iron
this is what your bandanna halves should look like
right sides together, line up your seams where the bandanna and the bottom strip come together, sew together both halves to create a tube.
hmm where did my picture of me sewing it go? okay, well it's lost but you don't need it
now to make the casing for the elastic on the waist band, first fold over around 1/2 inch of the top, press that down with an iron
fold over one more time around 1/2 inch again and press with an iron again

next sew as close as you can to the bottom open edge of your casing (this will help to slide your elastic a lot easier)

go around the whole skirt and leave open about an inch so that you can put your elastic in the casing. (make sure you back stitch when you start and end so that it doesn't unravel as you put in your elastic)
with a safety pin slide in your elastic (it can be thicker than what i show here, this is all i had at the moment!)

once it's all in, sew the elastic together and cut off excess, and go back and sew finish the hole you left open for putting in the elastic.

Original Post and Picture Source: http://www.vanessachristenson.com/2008/12/tutorial-bandanna-skirt.html

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